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Peer Helpers Program

APS Student, Family, and Community Supports Division was awarded a grant from Bernalillo County's Behavioral Health Initiative. This grant funds the extra-curricular APS Peer Helpers Program at 21 APS schools, suicide-prevention training, and a Suicide-Prevention Coordinator/Resource Teacher.

21 schools have one (or two) adult sponsors who are trained in suicide-prevention. Students at the 21 APS sites nominate other students who they see as honest, trustworthy, and caring. The nominated students are invited to join the APS Peer Helpers Program. It is based on the premise that when young people have problems, they most often turn to friends for help, and within every school, an informal “helping network” exists.

The APS Peer Helpers Program will provide monthly outreach & two large events for their school community, focused on suicide-prevention. Throughout the academic year, APS Peer Helpers & their sponsors will attend bi-weekly meetings with training focused on suicide-prevention and and peer-helping skills. Ultimately, their training serves to enhance the helping skills that Peer Helpers already use with their friends. Peer Helpers learn to recognize their own limits as helpers, and can be the link that is needed between young people and professional help. If you have any questions about our program, please contact our peer helper sponsor Monique Martinez at (505)831-0400 ext 58034.

Contact Information

  • Monique Martinez

    Phone: (505) 831-0400 ex: 58034